Cinema De Lux, Randolph MA

After investing roughly $5 million in a multiyear makeover for Showcase Cinemas in Randolph, National Amusements is giving the complex’s name a facelift as well. Steve Horton, vice president for U.S. operations at the Norwood-based company, said the company will hoist signs showing a name change from Showcase Cinemas to Showcase Cinema de Lux sometime this spring. National Amusements is waiting for town approval of the new signage and for spring weather to move forward.

Horton said the renovations began in 2007 when National Amusements replaced more than 4,000 seats in the 16-screen theater. He said the company also created “Lux level” sections in two of the auditoriums to test its concept of providing food and drinks to film fans willing to pay more for the convenience.

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