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For nearly three decades, Embedded Processor Designs has been a leader in the development of innovative technologies. Founded in the early 1990s, EPD was initially sought out by wireless manufacturers to provide consultation, engineering, and finished products for the Specialized Mobile Radio industry. Today, EPD products and technologies are in use around the world sold under well-recognized brand names of leading wireless companies.

EPD is the leading manufacturer of call button systems designed specifically for the rapidly growing dine-in and VIP theatre industry. With the push of a button, the PlexCall system allows customers to request service right from their seat. Servers can view all service notifications through EPD’s PlexCall software which displays the seat location on any PlexCall system monitor screen or through the available PlexCall iOS/Android app. PlexCall also tracks the elapsed wait time before a server responds to a service call, notifying management immediately if wait times are excessive. Additionally, managers can monitor wait times through daily, weekly and quarterly reports accessible through email or a custom online web portal.

EPD is also a pioneer in digital food ordering through it’s cutting-edge Order Commander system. Order Commander is a complete menu and ordering service delivered on a full-color touch-enabled device. Available in 4”, 7”, and 9.7″ form factors, customers can browse through a full food and drink menu from their seat, table or free standing kiosk. Once customers add items to the digital cart, they can order and pay directly from the device through the integrated credit card reader without the intervention of any wait staff. Order Commander is capable of integrating into your current POS system or operating as a complete POS system itself with full administrative and reporting abilities. By boosting revenue and improving customer experience through increased efficiency, Order Commander is revolutionizing the theatre industry.

Headquartered in Seneca, SC (near Asheville, North Carolina), EPD serves customers throughout North America. Please explore our website for more information about our company and products.

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