A Service Button that Actually Delivers Results

EPD’s call systems have set new standards in dining and entertainment. From off-the-shelf solutions to highly customized packages, right down to the button, EPD is the leader in call-service technology.

Our system delivers results: better service, increased sales, and reports that can help improve your business, making you more efficient at managing your staff and more effective at serving your customers.

We were amazed to see the difference when we installed PlexCall. It enabled us to provide a higher level of service. We have installed PlexCall at all of our locations.

– CEO, Studio Movie Grill

Serve Your Patrons More Efficiently

Whether you have a single theatre or multiple locations, PlexCall is the leading customer service management system for today’s dine-in or VIP theaters.

PlexCall makes serving more patrons easy. Your staff can see who wants to place an order and the order in which calls were placed. Patrons place an order by touching the wireless PlexCall Button located at their table or seat. Servers see the corresponding Call Light illuminated at the seat and on the PlexCall Monitor. The Monitors display a seating layout of the entire complex along with a list of active calls. Call Lights on the monitors are color-coded for wait-time sensitivity.

Color-coded Call Lights:

GREEN – the server button has recently been pushed

YELLOW – the patron has been waiting

RED – too much time has passed without service

Inside the theater, you press a button for your waiter. A very effective system as you’re not bothered during the movie when you don’t want to be.

– Patron, Atlanta, GA

Results at the Touch of a Button®

The PlexCall system generates industry-leading reports, allowing managers to optimize performance and enabling corporate headquarters to ensure all locations meet the same level of service. The PlexCall Server is the nerve center of the system: it provides wireless communications between theaters and servers, and it records valuable service statistics that help evaluate your staffing needs and performance such as:


  • Total number of calls
  • Average wait time
  • Total number of red seats
  • Ratio of red seats to total calls


The PlexCall service management system is made complete with any of the PlexCall notification options, from LCD monitors to handheld mobile devices. Managers are notified when a patron has been waiting too long, ensuring comps are kept to a minimum and customer satisfaction at a maximum. Multiple notification options can be used to augment the PlexCall Monitors, allowing a higher visibility of service calls. Diagnostic Indicators, displayed on the PlexCall Monitors, and e-mail notifications both provide constant status of system communication. If a situation arises, you know about it before your customer does.